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  • BLENNZ Sport

    Delivered by Counties Manukau Sport

    2015 saw the launch of a sports programme into BLENNZ (Blind Learning and Education Network New Zealand) Homai Campus. The programme provides learning experiences using specialised resources and offers outside of the classroom opportunities including NZ Blind Cricket events. ...

  • Run, Jump & Throw for Gold

    Delivered by Athletics Auckland

    This programme will be piloted in 2016 and will support the objectives of FYFOD, Sport NZ and Athletics Auckland in seeing more children in sport, achieving goals, gaining life skills through purpose, discipline and achievement. Encompassing all three athletic disciplines run, jump and throw, the ...

  • Throw & Lift for Gold West

    Delivered by Athletics Auckland

    The Throw for Gold programme and a new programme Lift for Gold are being established out in West Auckland at the Trust Arena Stadium, this is a very exciting extension to our programme portfolio. Young athletes who have the potential to be lifters and/or throwers will be offered the opportunity to ...

  • Community Swim

    Community Swim

    Delivered by Auckland Council & Swimgym

    81 deaths occur each year in New Zealand from drowning – most of which are avoidable. Of these, Pasifika children are most at risk. To prevent drownings, swimming is an essential skill, requiring many hours of learning and practice in the water. However, access to swimming instruction is ...

  • Primary Sport

    Delivered by Counties Manukau Sport

    26% of Manukau’s population is under 15 years of age. Many of these young people live in socio-economically deprived areas, attend low decile schools and many do not get the opportunity to participate in sport and physical recreation. Despite this, Manukau has produced internationally-acclaimed ...

  • Youth Leadership

    Delivered by CMS and College Sport

    An initiative that was introduced in 2015, the Youth Leadership Development Programme enlightens, encourages and encompasses youth by providing leadership training that will promote and enhance the quality of life for themselves, their peers, and their community. Participants are engaged in ...