Our Vision

Creating a lifetime of opportunities.

Our Mission

To positively impact on the lives of young people by providing accessible sports and physical recreation experiences which promote character development, life enhancing values, good health and community cohesion.


The John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation is a not for profit charitable trust, aimed at encouraging the young people of Auckland’s area of greatest need to pursue a more active lifestyle through sport and physical recreation that would lead to a fitter, healthier and more caring community.

The Foundation was born out of a vision to bring about a positive change by providing every young person the opportunity to participate in an active, healthy lifestyle through sports and other forms of physical activity. We believe this will produce fit, healthy and active young people who will make positive choices, daring to pursue their dreams and maximising their potential for positive, fulfilling lives.

We want to engage our at-risk young people to embrace new activities, challenge them to get off the couch or street, and start down the active and healthy journey that sport offers. We believe this will encourage our young people to become prosperous citizens, connected with and committed to their community.

We believe that given the opportunity, more of our youngsters have the potential to become future sporting champions. We want to identify those talented young people who, with support and encouragement, could follow in the footsteps of Auckland’s many sporting greats and accomplish their own extraordinary feats.

Working together with the many schools, clubs, sponsors and organisations in the community, we are confident that we can build greater social cohesion and community pride and turn around some of the negative stereotypes associated with Auckland’s areas of greatest need, creating a safer and healthier city.

We are determined to make a difference.


The Foundation is a charitable trust founded by Sir John Walker.

We raise funds to run our 7 programmes. We add value to existing programmes and facilitate the development of new ones. Programmes will be delivered across Auckland’s areas of great need through a partnership between the council, NGOs, government agencies and business.


  • To encourage youth’s long term engagement in sport and physical recreation.
  • To develop future sporting champions
  • To build confidence, self-esteem and pride through participation in sport and physical recreation.
  • To work in partnership with the health, education, sports and physical recreation sectors and the community
  • To promote health and well-being.
  • Encourage positive social behaviour through sport and recreation.
  • To inspire young people through connection with sporting personalities.
  • Long term financial sustainability.
  • Raise public profile and brand awareness.
  • To grow FYFOD programmes for the benefit of all young people in NZ..


Annual Reports for John Walker ‘Find Your Field of Dreams’ Foundation

Click the link below to view the ‘Find Your Field of Dreams’ Foundation Annual Reports.