To all those participants and those still wishing to participate, we are sorry to say that after all your hard work (training) and all our hard work (organising) we have been presented with no choice but to postpone the inaugural Hampton Downs 2 Hour Racetrack Run, scheduled for this Sunday, due to the latest Covid outbreak in Auckland.   The good news is that you can keep training for a little longer

We are absolutely committed to running the event sometime in the near future but cannot advise a new date until we have a clearer understanding on what the landscape looks like from a Alert level perspective.

Support for the event has been fantastic and we thank you for your entry, efforts to date and patience.  Rest assured, when we get to run this event – it’s going to be a huge celebration!

We will re-evaluate the situation on Monday 17th August and will be in touch with an update.  In the meantime, keep training, (or start as the case maybe…. This is your chance!)

Thank you once again from the team at Hampton Downs and the John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation .