Secondary Schools Water Safety Initiative

Delivered by: Drowning Prevention Auckland

Having noticed the gap in the Water Safety Sector, that Swimming and Water Safety appears to drop off once children leave Primary School.  FYFOD have partnered with Drowning Prevention Auckland and introduced a programme for Secondary Schools in Auckland South and East to target our horrendous drowning statistics in NZ and more specifically Auckland.

Every Year 10 pupil  takes part in a 45 minute interactive lesson covering topics around drowning, beach awareness, water safety, bombing and key messages about how to keep themselves and others safe when in, or around water.

In 2017, New Zealand’s preventable drowning statistics increased and in Auckland, our fatal drowning toll doubled with the 15 – 24 age group the highest fatality statistic.

The reason we are targeting Year 10’s, is because they are entering this age of self-discovery, partaking in riskier behaviour and more likely to be unsupervised by adults.

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